We Would Like To Thank You For Allowing Us To Introduce You To

Advan Tech Answering Service. We Are An Owner Run And Owner Managed

Office. We Offer Clients A Courteous, Professional Staff With 24 Hr

Service. Our Staff All Undergo Thorough & Intense Training Prior To

Individual Station Operation. At Advan Tech, We Utilize One Of The

Most Modern And Efficient T.A.S. Systems Available Today.

OnviSource AccuCall & Voice Mail III System A Fully Paperless System.

One Nice Feature, Ever Misplaced A Name Or Phone Number? We Have

"Message Retrieval" If That Message Came Into Us, (UP TO 17 DAY'S PRIOR)

All Operator's Can Recall INSTANTANEOUSLY, Your Messages At Their

Console To Look For It, For You. While Management Can Go Back Up To

A YEAR For You.

Think Of Us As YOUR, 24 Hr Telephone Secretary. We Are You, When

You Are Unable To Answer The Phone

We Do It Your Way

Advan Tech Answering Service
48 Woodstock Ave.
Rutland, VT 05701
Phone: (802) 775-9240
Fax: (802) 775-9245

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