Pager Airtime
Alphanumeric Airtime $15.00 P/Mo Qtrly Billed
Advanced Payment of 1 Year for $156.00 ($13.00 a Month !!)

* Personal Voice Mail $4.95 P/Mo *

* Enhanced Voice Mail $9.95 P/Mo *

Alpha Dispatched Msg's To Alpha Pager & E-Mail Address $5.00 P/Mo

*All Pagers With Toll Free Vt Number*

*240 Character Alphanumeric Svc*

Alphanumeric Pagers

apollo.jpg - 14660 Bytes
Apollo Pilot Alphanumeric Pager

Spec's of Pilot 990
Synthesized or Crystal Type
Loud Buzzer, Strong Vibrator
Blue Back-light, Large Display
6 Keys Operation, User Friendly Interface
Large Memory Size Up To 262,144 Letters
Selective PC or Hand Programmable
Support Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, and French
4 Lines, Total 84 Alphanumeric One Page Display
Blue Back-Light, Large Screen
6 Keys Operation, Easy Operation
Large Memory Size; Total Capacity 262,144 Letters
Big Memory for Mail Drop; Up To 239,616 Letters
16 Sets for Memory Slots, 15 Sets for Full Message, 20 Sets for Personal Slots, 15 Sets for Mail Drop
4 Beep Alerts with LED Flash, 10 Melody Alerts with LED Flash, Vibration with LED Flash, LED Flash Only, or Sleep
User Selectable Mail Drop Alert
Unread Message Reminder Alert
Error Message, Duplicate Message, Full Message Indicator
Convenient Functions; 5 Daily Alarm, Auto Scroll, Auto Sleep, Zoom In/Out
10 Sets for Messages Lock
Use "AA" Alkaline Battery, Extra Long Battery Life.
Real Time Clock Calendar
Message Time Stamp
Month, Date, Year, Time Display
Lithium Battery Backup

Apollo Gold Alphanumeric Pager

Spec's of Apollo Gold
4 Lines, Total 84 Alphanumeric One Page Display
Blue Back-Light, Large Screen
16 Memory Slots
Large Memory Size; Total Capacity 28,672 Letters for POCSAG, 32,000 Letters for FLEX
24,576 (POCSAG), 27,000(FLEX) character for Mail Drop
16 Memory Slots, 10 Sets Full Message
4 Beep Alerts, 10 Melody Alerts , Vibration Sleep Mode
Message Full Indicator
5 Daily alarm Sets
8 Message Locks
Extra Long Battery Life
Mail Drop Alert
Real Time Clock Calendar
Extensive Compativility
10 Personal Extra Personal Slots
Duplicate Message Indicator
Unread Message Display
Message Time Stamp
Month, Date, Year, Time Display
Selective Message Lock/Delete
Lithium Battery Backup
Reminder Alert / Zoom Feature
Selective PC or Hand Programming
Up to 6 capcodes Capability for POCSAG, 16 Capcodes Capability for FLEX
AutoSleep, Auto Scroll.

MotorolaAdvisorII.jpg - 6154 Bytes

Motorola Advisor II Alphanumeric Pager

Motorola ADVISOR II Pager Features

Message Slots
52 Message Slots for storing multiple pages
Cap Codes
4 individual Cap Codes to allow the user to receive individual or group pages
Character Capacity
Up to 30,000 maximum character capacity
Optimax® EL Electra Light for easy readability
Message Preview
Allows the user to view the first line of each message for easy reference
Built-in Alarm Clock
Event Alarm
Allows the user to set a one-time or daily alarm for up to 5 personal messages
User-Selectable Alerts
Includes Vibrating Alert, Standard Alert, Chirping Alert, 7 different Pleasing Alerts, or No Alert (silent)
Selective Erase/Erase All
Allows the user to erase messages individually or all at once
Graphic Battery Gauge
Shows battery level

Other Features

The Motorola Advisor II Pager displays the time of day and date and saves messages when off or when the battery is being changed.

The Motorola Advisor II Pager is available in POCSAG and FLEX paging protocols and is synthesized to allow for field programming of the frequency.



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